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Baie Rouge Beach

Baie Rouge (also spelled Bay Rouge) or Rouge Bay is one of the most fabulous, intimate and quiet beaches. A perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon on this secluded beach of French St. Martin. Baie Rouge is often described as "picturesque".

Baie Rouge lies to the Western corner of French St Martin, close to the capital Marigot. The access to the beach is easy, and there is even a kind of parking at the Eastern end where the entrance winds down the hill. You can have some BBQ chicken and other BBQ food, along with refreshing cold drinks at the local shacks at the entrance.

They also rent lounge chairs and snorkeling gear. When you swim or snorkel out to the East following the shore line you will find a cave through which you can snorkel, and just next to it a very private, small and intimate strip of beach. Or, if you are up for a swim or a walk along the beach, have a look into the Devil's Hole, which is a steep hole in the middle of the cliffs flooded by water.

Surrounded by a beautiful setting, with a small creek, bordered by the cliffs of "Falaise des Oiseaux" (Bird Cliffs) on the West, and the Devil's Hole on the East side, this charming beach gives also a nice view of the neighboring island Anguilla.

On Bay Rouge, you can walk along a large stretch of almost deserted pinkish sand beach. That´s actually where Baie Rouge got its name from. It has calm waters which makes it great for swimming. Near the entrance area, people still wear clothes, but the more you go West, the more you will see people remove their clothes... and clothing becomes optional.

The waves generally don't amount too much on Bay Rouge, and there is plenty of sand to lie on. The access to the water can occasionally be a bit tough. Although it´s a long stretch of beach, the sand does not cover the rocks as you walk into the sea. Thus, on days with higher waves, it can become difficult to get into the water.

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